Our Story

Hello, I'm Netra

I come from a family of foodies & experienced home cooks. Not surprisingly, I have been cooking for my family ever since I was a young girl in my teens. Fifty years ago, I would cook for my parents & siblings while today I cook for my husband - Deepak, my children & even my six grand children!

I cook because I love to cook

From working with different ingredients and spice mixes to experimenting with cookware and kitchen appliances, I am in awe with the entire experience involved with cooking.

Maharashtrian cuisine & culture

I have been blessed to have lived and experienced Marathi culture and its cuisine. From coconut enriched Konkani cuisine to the spicy cuisine from Vidharbha, I want to take you on a culinary journey of my beautiful state.

But first, we will begin with a few comforting and delicious breakfast foods such as Pohe, Rice Upma, Sanjaa (Wheat Upma) and Prasadacha Sheera. For your meals, you will also find homely, nutritious and traditional food such as Pav Bhaji, Khichadi, Pulao, Dal Fry & my personal all time favourite – Zunka.

Instant Food

Instant food is time saving, easily available, safe and very practical. However in most cases, instant food means deep fried or sugary snacks and non nutritious instant noodles. We sought to bring about a paradigm shift when it came to instant foods. With netra’s, you will enjoy nutritious home cooked food with taste of authentic spices & condiments and with a preparation time of less than 10 minutes! After all, who says instant foods can’t be healthy?

Vegetarian & Natural

As we all know, natural product is free from harmful chemicals, tastes better, is of better quality, and most importantly, retains its original texture as well as all the nutrients.

Reducing non vegetarian food consumption can have a huge positive impact on our environment. Some of the advantages include – less global warming, less water pollution and less consumption of antibiotics which are fed to farmed animals & fish. 

Quality ingredients & facility

All our products use the highest quality of ingredients. We are also proud to use the highest quality and expensive ingredients such as kesar, cashews, almonds, raisins & A2 ghee. In our books, there is absolutely no compromise for quality.

What’s more, our products are manufactured in a state of the art facility in Maharashtra. Our facility is FDA & ISO 22000-2005 certified for International food safety standards.

Through my brand netra’s, I will introduce you to Indian & Maharashtrian cuisine that has been comfort foods for generations. I hope you will enjoy our products.


Netra Bhalerao