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All Inclusive Bundle: 3 x Breakfasts, 5 x Meals, 2 x Curry Pastes, 2 x Sweets (12 bags, 2350g, 50 servings)

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Organic Ingredients

Made with staples grown on pesticide-free organic farms.

Preservative & GMO Free

100% natural ingredients. No synthetic preservatives, flavours or additives have been used.

This bundle includes 5 meals - Prasad Sheera 200g, Suji Upma 200g, Pulao 200g, Khichadi 200g, Dal Fry 200g and 2 curry pastes – Red Curry Paste 200g & Malvani Curry Paste 200g. Instant Moong Dal Halwa 200g,Instant Zunka Pithla 200g, Instant Pav Bhaji 150g, Instant Pohe 200g, Instant Rice Upma 200g. All products have a shelf life of 1 year.

Our Instant Pulao is made from long-grain Basmati rice sauteed with onions and aromatic whole spices - clove, cardamom, cinnamon, peppercorn, bay leaf. With added cashew nuts and fried onions. 

This Instant Dal is made with tur and moong dal, flavoured with classic Indian spices and herbs.

The Instant Suji Upma is a sumptuous breakfast staple made with high quality wheat Suji, sauteed with onions, red chillies, curry leaves, coriander and a unqiue blend of spices.

A complete meal in itself, this Instant Khichadi is the ultimate comfort food in many Indian households. High quaity rice and green gram dal come together in this hearty, delicious preparation flavoured with "kala masala". 

Instant Prasad Sheera is a sweet delicacy made with wheat rava, organic bananas, milk and sugar. With generous additions of cashew nuts, almonds, kismis and saffron, sauteed in pure ghee.

Simply add veggies or meat to the Instant Red Curry Paste (कोल्हापुरी तांबडा रस्सा) to create flavourful & spicy curries, broths, biryani gravies, pan-fried or tandoori appetizers. 

Instant Malvani Curry Paste makes an instant Home-style Curry perfect for Seafood! This is a traditional recipe from the coasts of Maharashtra. Add seafood, paneer or veggies to create creamy & silky curries.

Instant Moong Dal Halwa is a sweet delicacy made with moong dal, milk and sugar. With generous additions of cashew nuts, almonds, kismis and saffron, sauteed in pure ghee

Instant Zunka Pithla adds some spice to your life with this traditional Maharashtrian preparation made with besan (Bengal gram flour), garlic & chillies. It can be cooked in two different ways - with water or with buttermilk. Pair it with rice or roti.

Instant Pav Bhaji, the quintessential Mumbai street food. Spicy, tangy and filling. Make delicious Pav Bhaji at home in less than 5 minutes.

Instant Pohe:-A traditional Maharashtrian preparation made from gluten-free flattened rice, cooked with sauteed onions, curry leaves, coriander and green chillies. The flavour is a delicate balance of spices and herbs

Instant Rice Upma:-A light, gluten-free breakfast dish prepared with rice rava sauteed with crunchy split & skinned black gram and Bengal gram, red chillies and cashew nuts.



When you enjoy Netra's products, you are -
1. Eating healthy, nutritious food
2. Saving time with quick and convenient-to-prepare meals
3. Encouraging sustainable farming practices
4. Preserving traditional recipes that use authentic spices & condiments